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Dave Gray

Founder, Web Designer & Developer
The Big Cheese, The Head Honcho, The Boss Man, Dave’s the guy at the top of the ladder. He’s also a Code Ninja with a creative flair for design. He likes to play with php, javascript and all things web development. When he’s not developing websites, he likes to catch fish, hang out with friends and go to the gym.

Dave’s probably the guy you’ll get to speak to the most. He’ll work with you on your website design, social media pages and online market strategy. Then he’ll work his magic and build it all.

Dave in a nutshell

Likes: big fish, beer, fast cars, & food. In that order!

Dislikes: bad teeth, burnt pizza and long winters.

Favorite Quote: PHOTOSHOP. Helping the ugly since 1988.


Bailey & Ceaser

The Welcoming Team
By far the cutest members of our team, they have the all important task of welcoming our clients with lots of licks and snuggles. Besides being super cute, they also screen our prospective clients and employees. Like all good Chihuahuas, they are lively, proud, and most of all, enterprising. Which is why they have been promoted to partners and have significant input in all business decisions.

Bailey & Ceasar in a nutshell

Likes: bones, squeaky toys, walks in the park.

Dislikes: dobermans, cats and dog haters.

Favorite Quote: You are the CSS to my HTML.


Nicole Attisano

Front-End Developer

Nicole AKA the branding police, is the eyes behind your website. Detail is her middle name. She will make sure the fonts, colours, and all-around appearance of your site is impactful to viewers with her proficiency in multiple web languages and love for creating in Photoshop! Not a single shade off on the grey scale will get passed her eyes.

Nicole in a nutshell

Likes: summer, Disney, creating & travel.

Dislikes: lack of design consistency, early mornings & Comic Sans.


Yevgeniy Shypilov

Back-End Developer

With his year’s of experience in programming and web development, Yevgeniy takes care of our back end work and makes sure everything runs smoothly. He can write HTML, PHP, Javascript and jQuery all day long! You can be sure that your website will be as fast and efficient as possible after he works his magic.

Yevgeniy in a nutshell

Likes: The ocean, music & sports.

Dislikes: rain, vague goals & negative people.


Wendy Gull

Web Administrator

She’s our very own Princess Leia. Courageous and patriotic, very businesslike and not easily sidetracked. Although she can be a bit bossy and sharp-tongued, she’s very loyal to her friends. She pays attention to the details, the spelling and grammar and fixes up all the words. She scurries around in the background, picking up all the pieces and making sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing.

Wendy in a nutshell

Likes: good books, movies, red wine & chocolate.

Dislikes: bad smells, mess, chaos & mean people.

Favorite Quote: Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.