When you realize you could benefit from a boost in traffic to your website, two basic options exist that you have to consider. These methods include pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). You can pay for traffic to your site using the PPC programs that have been championed by Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, among others.

These programs allow you to display ads in the sponsored results section of search engine’s results page (SERP), meaning that your business is bound to catch the eye of any potential customers. The price of this method depends on how many potential customers visit your site from the ad. An alternative method of building the amount of traffic to your site for free is by achieving high rankings in the natural search results–the listings that are displayed next to the sponsored results. It is crucial to remember that in order to capitalize on this method that your page must follow the latest SEO practices. Following these practices will ensure that your site is displayed more frequently and more prominently on the SERPs. It can take time to reach the top of the natural results, but the targeted traffic will undoubtedly prove to be well worth the time and investment.

Rather than follow articles that tell you how to optimize and just hope that your content eventually rank high, utilize the services of Clear Solid. As SEO Toronto specialists, we firmly believe every online business should be able to access a high-quality marketing campaign, complete with industry-leading customer service support, and the backing of vastly talented practitioners in the field. We are experts in on- and off-page SEO as well as local SEO. The on- and off-page SEO is achieved in a variety of ways such as through optimizing title and meta tags, content length and density, gaining high-quality backlinks and social signals from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and positive PR reviews. Local SEO (in the case of our clients, SEO Toronto) is perfect for attracting local customers to your business. For example, if you are offering a service that has a very limited area of coverage, you can set your targeted radius to the distance of the area you serve, meaning you will only target prospective consumers in the area. This is particularly useful as more and more customers these days are preferring to support local businesses.

At Clear Solid, we utilize a method that has proven to be successful for our customers in the past whereby we first identify the correct keywords that we feel will help take your business to the next level. Then, we work with you in order to create effective content that helps your businesses page scale to the top of the SERPs. We then aim to get your business on the map via our initial consultations with you and the information that these garner.

If you are ready to increase your reach and the online presence of your website by making the most of either expert SEO services or pay per click management in Toronto (or both!), then contact us today. At Clear Solid, we are Toronto’s top name in search engine optimization, and by contacting us, you will soon find out why.