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Professionally managed SEO by ClearSolid

Search Engine Optimization in Toronto


At Clear Solid, we believe that every business should have access to a top-notch online marketing campaign complete with world-class customer support. LeadingPage is just that. The LeadingPage program rests on the same advanced technology platform and dedicated customer support that over 1.2 million small-business websites rely on every day. But it’s the combination of our technology and our immensely talented team of SEO Experts that make our customers so successful.


Search engine optimization Toronto
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A right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can take your business to new heights. If it is managed properly, it will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Being a renowned SEO company in Toronto, our main aim is to increase your calls, leads and sales through an initial consultation process.

After your initial SEO consultation, where our SEO Experts get to know more about your business and your goals, we begin the keyword-selection process. This is where the LeadingPage magic starts.

Keywords are, put simply, the words or phrases that people type into Google to begin their search. The first goal of LeadingPage is to determine keywords that are both relevant to your business and likely to be searched for often.

Google is a very competitive place and sometimes the keywords you might at #first think should be targeted will be completely over saturated with results.

For Example: The phrase “iPhone repair” returns 192 million search results. That’s a huge crowd to stand out in. However, the phrase “iPhone cracked screen repair” returns a far smaller 3.8 million results. Although still a big number, this is a great search term that you’re much more likely to achieve a high ranking for.

“Yeah, but that’s too obscure. How many people are actually going to search for ‘iPhone cracked screen repair?’”

According to Google, there are approximately 9,900 searches for “iPhone cracked screen repair” performed each month, and with those specific words, they’re more likely to be ready to buy. That’s a lot of potential business for a company that fixes iPhone screens.

That’s the other component of the LeadingPage keyword-selection process: Making sure a significant number of people actually use the keywords we select. We won’t present you with keywords unless we know that people are using them.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are meaningless without content to go with them. This is where LeadingPage’s Blog Post writing comes into play.

By writing Blog Posts that include the specific keywords and phrases we have chosen, we are creating highly-relevant content for Google. Keep in mind that these are written in a style that is meant to appeal to Google’s search algorithms, not human readers. What may at first appear to be an oddly-worded Blog.

Post is actually a very specifically written piece of content designed for Google. And that’s the whole point; Giving Google what it wants.

Once your keyword-rich Blog Posts have been written, it’s time to get them out onto the Web and linked to your business’ website.

content writing

Through our powerful network of Blogs and Social Media, we begin pushing this newly created content out onto the Web. By publishing
this content, and linking the specific keywords and phrases directly to your business’ website, we are telling Google that your site is both relevant and “authoritative” when it comes to these search terms.

Once published and linked, it’s only a matter of time before Google finds the content, sees that it all links back to your website, and adjusts its databases to return your business the next time someone performs a search using your keywords.

Back to our example, Joe’s Phone Repair will now have a network of content that specifically states that he fixes cracked iPhone screens. Google is going to take notice of this and move Joe’s website to the top of their search results.


Local business thrives on local customers and local customers are increasingly turning to Google or their mobile phones to find what they’re looking for.

The days of flipping through the Yellow Pages are over.

Getting your site to rank highly in Google is one thing, getting your business to rank high in a local search query is another. To accomplish this feature, we
enhance everything we do for you with specific geo-focusing that ensures that when users perform local, or “geo-centric” searches, you’ll be there.

By purposely enhancing the content we create in order to focus on Local Search, LeadingPage can move your business to the top of the coveted Google Map.

Getting on map


Toronto Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Toronto
Pay per click


Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) allows you to market your business to the very people searching for your product or service, only paying for the advertising when someone clicks on your ad. If the Cost Per Click of the keywords you have selected is $0.05 and you get an average of 5 clicks per day over the next 7 days….. Then you will pay: ($0.05 x 5) x 7 = $1.75 for you advertising services for those 7 days.


PPC can actually help your SEO strategy by using a number of tools Google has to offer that help us come up with new keywords to try. While we are optimizing your keywords over the next few months to secure a top level position on page #1 of Google, we have PPC to help give you those immediate results and that’s what makes them great together: they have opposing strengths and can fill in for each other.