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Content Management Systems


Creating a web site is one of the first steps an organization takes to establish itself. After the initial site design and setup, the content needs to be kept up to date. Back in the day the content could only be maintained by developers since it required HTML, coding and styling. Nowadays, there are Content Management Systems that allow you to edit and publish content with no HTML or web site design experience required. There are many different Content Management Systems available. When deciding which one to use, there are a number of things to consider. There are simple but limited systems that will be easy to use, but only allow basic text editing. Then there are more robust, powerful systems that will require training, Advil and may have you running to your local mall for a quick chair massage on your lunch break. If neither of those options sound good, we can offer a better alternative. We can set you up with a powerful system that is easy to use and hold your hand for a while until you’re ready to walk on your own.




Publishing new content to your web site can be done by using templates, wizards and other tools.


Using the CMS you can add, edit or remove text, as well as customize some of the basic styles. You can add new pictures or remove old pictures. You can also edit some the forms or any other special features on your site.


Revision control permits interchanging of versions and tracking of changes. Simply put, when you edit existing content, you’ll be able to see who changed what and when they changed it.


We’ll provide full training to get you started. After that, if you forget something or lose your notes, we’ll be happy to hear from you and help you out.